Michael Schaaf

“Thank you for your patience and hard work. I cannot imagine any other consultant dealing with this situation better. Of course, the high quality and professionalism of your work came through in many and very important ways. CDFC made the right decision by hiring you.”
Andres Lopez, President
Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation

“Thanks, Michael, for all your professionalism and flexibility developing these strategies. It has been a great pleasure to have you as consultant. Thanks a lot for all this work!”
Alison Moronta, Executive Director
Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation

“Let me say that I think you have handled this assignment with grace, diplomacy and class. This is a great product! Everyone should be proud. The beauty of the document and the decisions made is that we were able to reach compromise and accord so that 'we all could sing from the same hymn book.' Michael: Thank you and job well done! We are not an easy group with which to work.”
Ron Marlow
Assistant Secretary for Access and Opportunity
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

“Thanks for all your hard work and it was great watching you work and persistently follow-through for information.”
John Hoadley, Director, External Assessments
NeighborWorks America

“This is an extraordinarily helpful and insightful document. I didn't want to wait to thank you for your excellent work so far.”
Sarah Gereck, Executive Director
Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City

“Working with Michael Schaaf has been very instructive and quite pleasant. He truly know his stuff.'”
Lorna Bourg, Executive Director
Southern Mutual Help Association, New Iberia, LA

“I liked the fact that you pushed to meet certain self imposed deadlines so that we were ready for the due date. I liked your comprehensive and detailed approach to the application. Because of the growth of NHS, I was frustrated that I couldn't keep up sometimes. I am very pleased with the application that we submitted. I think it is strong. Also, we're getting positive comments on the Capitalization Plan and portfolio management plan.”
Arden Shank, Executive Director
Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

Carolyn Britt

“Carolyn Britt has provided years of experience, intelligence and tact in guiding the Rockport Planning Board through several large subdivision processes and Site Plan Reviews for three large projects. These projects represent many millions of dollars, and she has carefully and skillfully brought the Planning Board through mountains of plans, drawings, regulations and other documentation to arrive at decisions which are favorable to the Town and agreeable to the applicant. She has been a brilliant guide and educator in helping us to develop plans for improved Town Master Planning and for better zoning bylaws.”
Samuel W. Coulbourn, Chairman
Rockport Planning Board

“Carolyn's knowledge, years of experience and patience have been a tremendous asset to the town as we continue to improve our downtown and make strides to develop a rail trail. Carolyn has taken the time to really understand the town and pursue initiatives that make sense for us. We wouldn't be where we are without her!”
Sally Bubier, Member
Maynard Board of Selectmen

“I have worked with Carolyn as a colleague and as a consultant hired by the Town of Hudson. We have worked together in development of the Assabet River Rail Trail - I representing the Town of Hudson and she the Town of Maynard. She has been a steady, persistent hand in moving forward this very difficult project. Because of her good work on the Rail Trail, I hired her and her firm to prepare the Hudson Community Development Plan. Carolyn took the lead in producing a timely, thorough, and creative document that has served the Town of Hudson well. She is great at working with a wide variety of people in meetings and one-on-one.”
Michelle Ciccolo
Hudson Director of Community Development

“We are in awe of a number of towns in Massachusetts because of their commitment to open space conservation and their willingness to fund and staff that commitment. Ipswich is one of them, in large part due to your leadership.”
From a letter written from Whitney Hatch, Southern New England Director of the Trust for Public Land to Carolyn Britt and Wayne Castonguay as Co-Chairs of the Ipswich Open Space Committee