Local and Regional Industrial Development

The City of Lowell

, MA has a large number of brownfields sites which needed testing and clean-up. Ms. Britt was the lead in the City's Division of Planning and Development in writing a successful Brownfields application to the EPA. She provided oversight in the first year, chairing meetings with private property owners to secure participation, and designing a process to select sites for inclusion in the Program.

The City of Portland, ME

wished to redevelop 25 blighted acres in the Bayside District adjacent to downtown. Community Investment assisted to compose a redevelopment plan for private re-use and a complex financial plan for this $22 million project, including a successful HUD BEDI application for $10.8 million.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

operated a feasibility study program which Ms. Britt managed for five years. During this period, studies were funded to examine the feasibility of industrial parks in Lee and Adams in Berkshire County, and Gardner and the Pioneer Valley elsewhere in the state. This program also funded the initial feasibility study for the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Sprague Mill in North Adams. Reviews were undertaken for an industrial park in Williamstown.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

established the North Berkshire Industrial Park Development Corporation to facilitate community economic development in the northern part of Berkshire County. Ms. Britt provided technical assistance for the Executive Office of Communities and Development in the establishment of that organization.