Community Preservation

The Town of Billerica, MA

wanted to improve a 200 acre park recently acquired from the County. Community Investments was asked to prepare an application for funding, but advised Billerica that they would be uncompetitive in the grant round. Community Investments prepared an RFP for a master plan for the park, now completed.

The Town of Ipswich

is reviewing by-law and regulatory mechanisms for protecting open space. Ms. Britt has been involved in ongoing efforts to strengthen the Town's Open Space Protection Zoning to make it virtually required for subdivisions, and increasing the amount of open space that is protected. She is also led an effort to get funds for growth management planning, and serves on the Growth Management Committee.

The Town of Ipswich, MA

has many significant and valuable open space parcels in need of protection. Ms. Britt has played a key role in writing the two most recent Open Space and Recreation Plans. She wrote and fielded a survey on citizen attitudes about open space. Ms. Britt also authored a successful warrant article for Town Meeting establishing a fund for open space protection which will be fueled by proceeds from the Room Occupancy Excise Tax and Chapter 61 roll-back taxes. This work contributed to the Ipswich Open Space Committee receiving an EPA Environmental Merit Award.

The Town of Ipswich, Downtown Partnership

, needed some amenities to make the downtown more attractive. Ms. Britt authored a successful proposal for funding a feasibility study for a riverwalk, and has chaired the committee which is finishing ISTEA-funded design study to replace a pedestrian bridge and develop a riverwalk on land donated by an abutting business.

The Town of Maynard

had no properties surveyed or listed on the State or National Register of Historic Places. Ms. Britt worked with the Historic Commission to initiate their first efforts in getting these properties surveyed and listed. She also worked with Maynard to explore acquisition of a parcel in the water supply protection zone which may soon be removed from Chapter 61a protection.

The Town of Maynard

is working with four surrounding communities to develop a rail trail on an abandoned MBTA right-of-way. Ms. Britt is representing the Town in planning and acquisition activities, including grant applications and sale negotiations.

The Town of Rockport Community Preservation Committee

needed an analysis of potential affordable housing development projects to assist the town's direction in using CP funds for affordable housing. Ms. Britt prepared a report, Affordable Housing in Rockport: Need and Options for Meeting Needs with Community Preservation Funds, to address the critical questions on providing affordable housing in Rockport.

The Town of Rockport Community Preservation Committee

was seeking professional assistance to assist them in reviewing annual applications and in working with potential and actual applicants to improve their program concepts and implementation. Ms. Britt has assisted the Committee with this effort, working largely with historic preservation and land protection projects.

The Town of Sudbury

sought assistance to research and prepare a request for proposal for landscape design and engineering services to preserve their historic town center while improving the roadway and circulation patterns. Ms. Britt worked with the local advisory committee, prepared a background report on the roles of town greens through history, prepared the bid document, and assisted the committee in reviewing proposals.

Tufts University, Medford, MA

has led national efforts to understand "Sustainable Development." Community Investments authored case study of a Boston neighborhood that joined 5 other investigators to comprise "The Elements of Sustainable Development."

The Watershed Protection Committee in Rockport

retained Ms. Britt to prepare an analysis of land within the Town's water supply watersheds, and recommendations for establishing procedures to protect watershed land using Community Preservation funding.