Our Approach

Community Investment Associates promote partnership. The Associates are equally fluent in the resources and purposes of the public sector at the municipal, regional, and state levels, and in the requirements for private investment and corporate giving. The firm has shaped public-private partnerships to finance and undertake development. These partnerships were developed over time, with use of planning and visioning processes for developing projects with strong, coordinated support.

Our knowledge of nonprofit and government capabilities and challenges in achieving and leveraging beneficial community development is key to our effectiveness. Our understanding of effective approaches steers projects to achieve favorable results. While we undertake planning projects with broad knowledge of information sources and process, we are uniquely skilled in developing viable plans and putting plans into action.

Community Investment Associates understand finance and development as a skilled process of matching sound, beneficial projects with suitable resources. The Associates identify and strengthen the critical factors affecting the ability to finance a venture or project, or to fund a program. The Associates have obtained millions of dollars for our clients' projects in grants and loans.

Community Investment Associates understands local zoning ordinances and by-laws, and local subdivision regulations as well as the process for changing and improving the provisions of zoning and subdivision regulations. The Associates are particularly familiar with issues and approaches addressing the siting and permitting of alternative energy systems, and the necessity for and procedures required to protect land and landscapes through acquisition.

Community Investment Associates believes that beneficial community development entails enhancing communities as places to live satisfying lives enhancing communities as places that are responsible for their physical setting and infrastructure to serve their citizens, and enabling disadvantaged populations to have a home, security, community, and an opportunity to achieve their potential.

Community Investment Associates appreciate that the success of a project or program often hinges on a consultant's performance. The firm generates superior products on a timely schedule.